A Chickenpox Tale

I don't know how it is in other countries, but to get Chickenpox in India is really a bad thing to happen to just anyone. I'll tell you why. In the first place, this disease has no cure what so ever and that is more than a reason good enough for the people here to associate it with myths, religion, legends and God knows what else?

Before going into anything further, I me-self, on a personal note wonders why such a funny name for a disease? 'CHICKENPOX'. Now, what does that mean? Chicken + Pox? Everyone knows what a 'Chicken' is and mind you, I've checked and cross checked and couldn't find any other meaning for this. But 'Pox'! Ah! There you are - the MerriamWebster's Online Dictionary says 'Pox' means "a disastrous evil". Aha! Aha! Now I know why people associate 'Chickenpox' with superstitions... Anyways...

Since I had rather a serious infection, I fell very weak and tired from day one. Worse even, I soon got blisters in my throat and that made it almost impossible for me to talk, let alone 'voice my opinion'! As far as I can remember, it was one of my cousins who first took me to a doctor. And on the way to the clinic, he said, "you're lucky dear. You got the infection during the brighter side of the lunar month and that means the Goddess has showered her blessings on you",  so much as to console me. "Blessing?", I shouted back in shock! Nevertheless, I couldn't blame him 'coz that was the same treatment that he got when he had chickenpox years before. Anyways, he took me to the best doctor in town for this and after consultation the doctor prescribed me some medicines for the rashes and the itching that I was soon going to experience. He advised me to take a bath in warm water everyday and keep myself clean. "Nothing much to be done son. You'll have to go through this. The medicines will only save you the trouble of itching. Eat well least you want to feel tired", said the doctor.

The first night was ok since I dropped dead asleep as soon as I returned from the clinic. I woke up the next day to find more blisters on my face and chest and shoulders and this really freaked me out. Also I fond out that I had accidentally scratched open some of them and they were all burning on my skin. I raised the alarm and requested me to be taken to a hospital. But as luck would have it, none of the hospitals in my town would take in a patient with chickenpox as none of them except one had an isolation ward to take care of such highly contagious infections. And the one which had an isolation ward scared us away with their service charges. And so, one of my uncles arranged for a home nurse to take care of me. A home nurse? Wow! That sounded exciting! But all my excitement was short lived when I saw a lady well above her 50s at my service the next morning.

And now starts the argument for about which line of medicine is best for me - AllopathicHomoeopathic or Ayurvedic? The fact is that all these are very popular and effectively tried out lines of medication in India and each one has it's advantages as well as disadvantages. When Allopathy gives you fast recovery you'll have to live with some side effects because of its strong medicines. The other two are comparatively medications that wouldn't have any side effects but which will take a longer time to cure. This is the most elementary difference between the three different lines of medications and I know this 'coz my dad was an Ayurvedic doctor who also favoured Homoeopathy and did prescribe Allopathic medicines in cases of emergencies. And these are times when I really miss him. Life would've been much easier with him around to take charge of situations. Ah! Anyways...

The unanimous declaration was that Allopathy was bad for me. So as a first step, I was stopped from taking bath and having food that was anything remotely tasty to me. No more taking bath and only bland and very bland food - no salt, no spice, no... nothing. Just boiled rice and vegetable salad without even a pinch of salt or spice in it. I felt as if I was feeding on some stable food! But the argument didn't end there. Now it was Homoeopathy Vs Ayurveda with my home nurse vehemently vouching for the former and my mom who came down to take care of me defending the later. Finally my mom won and she brings home a new set of Ayurvedic medicines and throws away all the medicines that I was having till then. It was day 6 by then and my blisters were at its worst, all bursting open and itching like hell. The home nurse came to my rescue. She came up with the best remedy for it - neem leaves! She spread neem leaves all over my bed and made me a hand-fan with neem leaves. And what more? She did sit beside me and kept rubbing my blisters with the neem leaves. It couldn't have been better!

And after all these stunts, here I'm with my blisters drying off fast. But I'm still not allowed to take bath or eat normal food! The treatment had been equally good and bad and I don't know how far I'm justified in making complaints about things. I mean, it could've been worse without these people... Or would it have been better?

Anyways, the infection period lasts for 10 to 21 days and in my case it has crossed 15 days and I think I can bet on 21 days in my case. Hope to be back in action soon. I'm longing to have something spicy to eat and besides all, my body - every inch of my skin - is dying for a bath. I mean, it has gone all dry and scaly! But frankly, I'm surprised that I still don't have any body odour! How? Why? Can't say? Is this truly the Goddess's blessing or something? Even if that is so, this truly is the weirdest way to do so!!!

But I do have one complaint to make and mind you this is a serious one. I let my PYT know about my illness and she couldn't be so much bothered to send me a message asking me how am I fairing? I mean, I got "Get well soon" wishes from total strangers in this blogging world and my PYT??? This is truly heart breaking! Forget about all the funny things between us. She could've acted at least as a good friend. But... Oh my PYT, you did break my heart this time and very badly too! I proposed to you twice and never bothered you with it, did I? I acted the most gentle way and only wished to have you as a friend at the least. But... Ah! These are times when I realise how truly lonely I'm! But that's ok... Let it all be so. I'm still alive and that's all that matters, isn't it?

And the Chickenpox tale... Well, the mystery continues...

And ye, I got one more song in my other blog - Ekan learns to sing...


Anonymous said…
Only you could make such a heart warming, funny post about the chicken pox....the line about the home nurse just cracked me up!

I've missed your writting and singing...take care of yourself and get back to regular blogging visits soon my friend

Unknown Mami said…
My thoughts are with you! Hope you are back in action and eating spicy food as soon as possible. Stay away from chickens with pox.
dannyd said…
Oh, that must have been bad...glad you're back, though!

I'm so sorry about your PYT's behavior.
Get well soon and this is my wish for you:
Sunsets to warm your heart.
Scarlet said…
That PYT needs to get a clue!

I hope you are feeling better and enjoying life again!!
Joanna Jenkins said…
Chicken pox are not fun! I hope for are better soon. And PYT's actions speak volumes :-(
Hang in there.
Gloria said…
It's my first visit to your blog and an interesting first post for me. Remember chicken pox well and hope you feel better soon. Love your style of writing . . . and hope you'll be able to tuck into your favourite foods again very soon!
SupahMommy said…
perhaps it's time to focus your radiating positive energy on positive things-

( not pyt)

Someone once told me, actually my counselor and interestingly enough she was Indian...

"we do not have room in our life for a negative thought'

I imagine that works the same for people in our life.
Glad you're on the mend.

Ekanthapadhikan said…
I totally agree with you Supah. Even I realize it me-self. And that's why I've decided never to think about any more PYT's and the likes for a while.

I've "miles to go before I sleep".

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