An extra ordinary experience

First of all, let me excuse myself for my un-announced absence for a few days. I was in the craziest bike trip of my life time and hence my absence.

Now to begin with, I had befriended this lady, 31 year old, a year and a half back through a social networking site. That was the time of my break-up and with none of my friends around, I was desperately looking for someone to share my heart's pain with. And like an angel from the heaven's open doors, I found her. I don't clearly remember how it all began, but we became friends from day one and with the passing of time our relationship grew stronger and deeper. We exchanged our phone numbers and we started sharing our secrets and in time we became great friends. There weren't too many days in this last one and half year when we didn't call up and shared our daily events. Now, we're like the soul keepers of one another. I know this wouldn't last for too long. She being a lady and still unmarried, is soon going to get married and get settled with her own domestic miseries. And me, a 26 year old stag, still in the look out for the right person to accompany in my lives journey, would go my own way.

Ah! What I wanted to tell you was not all this. She came down to meet me last Tuesday. It was our first meeting and how eventful it all turned out to be! I still feel it was all but a dream. I showed her around in my little town and the next day, at 3.30 in the morning we packed our bags and set off to explore our way to a wild life sanctuary where I had booked a tent for us. We rode steadily for 9 hours with the much needed pit stops and on reaching a particular spot I had this most craziest idea to take a detour. The place we had reserved a tent was only another couple of hours drive. But I proposed to follow a "road less trodden by" through the woods and across the mountainous Ghats. And it did make "all the difference". The lonely treacherous roads of Ghats was enchanting and we saw things which we might have missed for a life time. The scenery was stunning and with a light drizzle all through the ride, it became an experience the both of us would treasure forever. I'll write in detail about the ride in my other blog.

What I do want to share with you all in this space is my experience of the ride. Because of my crazy plan we were still riding through the woods even when the sun was going down. We dropped the idea of beating against the time to reach the place where we had booked our accommodation. Instead we were thrilled with the sheer joy of the ride through the woods. And finally at half past 10 at night we reach a place in another state where we had our dinner. It was only then that we realised that we were riding for almost 19 and odd hours! Also I noticed odd blisters on her face. I thought it was due to the heat. But no. The weather was not at all hot. All the while we were riding through the mist and rain. I got alarmed and we rode for another hour and half to find a decent accommodation. We were dead tired and we nearly passed out soon as we hit the bed. The next day I woke up to find more blisters all over her face and chest and I realised that it was nothing but Chickenpox. OMG! This can't be happening! But it did.

I really appreciate the good spirit of the lady 'coz she was least flustered by all this. She still smiled at me and said she'll be all right and that we'd ride back home. But no. It was still raining and I didn't want to take any risks. I arranged for a cab and escorted her on my bike all the 350 km back to my home town. It was 2.30 at night when we reached. And the next day I saw her off to where she belong and where she'll have people to take care of her. There ends the story of a 21 hour bike ride.

And here I'm, sitting all tired and drained, keeping you all posted of a weired but an extra ordinary experience of my life.


4evernite said…
Wow! What an adventure! What a time to get the chicken pox, eh? Poor girl... but I'm sure she'll be fine. I like the denotations of Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken" that you threw in for good measure.
It's impossible to me to imagine 21 hours of bike riding! Amazing! Lucky you found her and she found you.Glad you enjoyed it.
And welcome back. :)
Steven Anthony said…
Wow..what a ride. It is great to have soul mate friends...truly they make life richer:)

Peace my friend
Steven Anthony said…
Ps...Glad your back:)
Kaiserin Sisi said…
I missed those... riding through the woods!

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