My last day of Onam vacation

This is the last day of my Onam vacation.

I had my comp-off days from last Tuesday. I had my friend visiting and hence made a plan to visit a wild life sanctuary and a hill station which I always wanted to visit. But owing to her falling sick on the way, the trip was interrupted and had to return home on Friday. I was too tired after the long ride and was in no condition to get my tired bones off the comfort of my home (Hi! I started calling it my home. Before I always used to call it just a house. This was just a four walled enclosure with a roof over my head that sheltered me from the onslaught of the weather. But ever since I brought Tasha in, this concrete building started becoming a home to me. Feel as though I've someone in here for me.)

And the best thing I could do sitting here is to share my experiences and thoughts with you friends. I really thank you all for being a constant support and of course for your comments. Ever since I started blogging, a new world of friends and companionship has opened its door for me. I no longer feel that lonely. THANK YOU ALL.

And before I sign off, I'd like to share with you what Onam is. Please click here to find out. Also here is the pic. of flower arrangement made at my office and the Onam meal (rice not included) as a part of the celebration.


Steven Anthony said…
Beautiful pic. Im glad u have tash...with out my pups life would be kinda dull..

peace my friend
4evernite said…
Such a cute puppy and a nice name too. The Onam festival sounds interesting. I had never heard of it before. Neat flower arrangements and the food looks tasty enough. Sounds like the men have the most fun. lol. We have harvest festivals around here but nothing like that.

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