33 and still counting!!!

33 and still counting? But what? Any good guesses? No. Never. You'd not guess what I'm talking about even if you tried a million times.

Ok. So let me tell you what 33 refers to. Those are the little mustard-shaped-watery bubbles that have started appearing on my skin. You got it? Yes. I contrived Chickenpox from one of my friends. Remember my first post of this month - 'An extraordinary experience' - about going for a ride with a friend and how the trip got interrupted because she got chickenpox?

Since I didn't see any symptoms for all these days, I presumed I was safe. But no. Yesterday night I found funny little bubbles appearing on my shoulders. I thought it was due to the heat (the weather has become quite hot here now). I didn't get too bothered about them till today afternoon though I was feeling very weak and tired since morning. And when I finally found those cute little bubbles appearing on my tummy and... ahem... and on my butt... I got alarmed! I realised why I felt uncomfortable while riding on my bike to the office today morning - imagine bubbles on your but! That's scary, isn't it so? I immediately consulted a doctor and the test result confirmed that I have got Chickenpox! Factually, there wasn't any test that happened. I just had a nurse sticking a thermometer in my armpits and when she was not satisfied with that she stuck it in my mouth! How dare she!!! But frankly, I didn't mind it 'coz she was a SYT (Sweet Young Thing), probably just out of her nursing school and she was smiling at me all the while! Now, come on, who can resist a smile so sweet and that too from a young unassuming girl like her? Anyways... The doctor has prescribed two weeks of bed rest and that means I'm gon'a be home-bound and bored for the next two weeks! I don't know what to do with all that time. Maybe, I'll catchup with my reading and some good movies!

Aha! And about the number "33". I lied! Actually there are more of those cute little bubbles all over my body and on my scalp too. I got tired after counting up to 33 and besides, that's my lucky number. 33 was my role number in school from my 7th grade to the time I completed schooling and those were my best school years.

Anyways... I'd like to share with you all two songs I've been repeatedly hearing since I returned home. These are two of my all time fav. songs and I'm sure you'd like it too.

Song 1: "Yuhi chala, chal rahi..." composed by A.R Rahman and sung by Hariharan, Udit Narayan & Kailash Kher (three of my fav. singers). The icy voice is of Hariharan, the nasal one of Udit and the raw-rustic one of Kailash. Of the three, I like Kailash the best 'coz the guy sings from his heart - unsophisticated and no nonsense. Now, I don't want to discredit the other two for their singing prowess. They are un-arguably among the best-test of the singers in the country. Kailash is only my very personal choice.

This song is from a movie called 'Swadesh' which won many critical accolades 'coz it dealt with many social issues in India. And here's the song for all of you to enjoy:

Song 2: "Allah ke bandhe..." composed by Vishal Dadlani and rendered so heartfully by Kailash.

Have a nice day...

And I'd like you all to visit my other blog - Ekan learns to sing if you'd like to listen to me sing!


AmyK said…
You take care of yourself. Those childhood illnesses are always more difficult in adults.
Anonymous said…
Oh no...well listen to the doctor and take care of yourself..

This will give you alot of time for blogging:) I look forward to reading them. Again take care of yourself my friend..

Chief said…
sounds miserable! good luck and feel better.
4evernite said…
Oh my! Well, you seem to be taking it with stride, the good sport that you are. Hope you have a speedy recovery.
Oh, Ekan, I think Steven Antony is right. Listen to the doctor.
TAKE CARE! Speedy recovery!
Came back. Thank you for the songs. I like #1.
Kaiserin Sisi said…
Hope you get well soon... take care.
Unknown Mami said…
Chickenpox! You poor thing.

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