Dedication to SupahMommy, Kelly Wood & Steve

This is absolutely a fantastic feeling. To know that I'm accepted, that I'm loved for what I'm. Ever since I started blogging seriously, I found new friends. I found people who share my thoughts and ideas. Let me not forget the first one to have ever accepted me in this blogger's world - Steven Anthony. He has been most generous with his comments on my posts and that did make me feel that I'm heard, no matter what ever stupidity I wanted to blurt out. Thanks a lot Steven. The man, I found out from his blogs, had a tragic childhood but braved it all and is now leading the life of an independent and free citizen of this globe. I admire him for his play with words and conviction to his beliefs. Learned a bit about being an adult male from him. Thanks again.

To my utter surprise, apart from him, all my other followers are women in their middle ages and women past that age. The amount of encouragement that I've got from them has been substantial in changing the way I thought about women in general. Going through their blogs, I've been unconsciously learning a lot about women psychology, the way they think and act, what freedom means to them, what life means to them. This might be coincidental, but I observe that I've always found acceptance among elder women than men. They younger of the lot are either afraid of me or they are too cautious around me. I never knew why? I still don't know why? But my desire of a life time (I know, I'm too young to be using a word like "life time". Yet...) to have an elder sister is now being fulfilled with all these generous women who take a moment of their life to see what's happening with me. I must admit, if there's a God, he has been the most generous with me. Among all of them, SupahMommy and Kelly Muys Wood have been the most attentive towards me. If the former spare her time to look into my heart and try to understand the person that I'm, the latter takes interest in my interest for photography. They don't just pass through my posts but do take the pains to go through and read in between my lines. I'd ever and forever be grateful for their caring ways.

And I dedicate this song for the three of them :-


This is one of my favourites. And to the ones that I've dedicated this song to, I know it's a love song. But to me love has only one meaning and that is to be "On the top the world", which is exactly what you people make me feel.

And visitors, do visit their blogs. They have one of the best posts you'd ever find in a blogger's world.

I also thank all of you who have taken the pain to go through my posts and comment on them. Every comment counts in making my blog a better place to visit and bringing a smile to my face. Thank you all once again for sparing your valuable time with me.


4evernite said…
I know what you mean. Since I've started blogging I've met some amazing people too, of whom I am most thankful. I like that song by the Carpenters. I used to sing-along with it (ahem) in my younger days. :-) You seem very likable and I enjoy reading your posts. :-)
feeling on the top of the world is so interesting . Wish I would be there one time !
Steven Anthony said…
Oh friend....Im speechless (that is rare for me) You have enriched my life as well....thank you seems a small thing, but thank you so very much for your kind words, but even more for your friendship:)
(ok so I wasnt so speechless..hehe)
Steven Anthony said… know I love the carpenters..thanx friend:)
Kelly Muys Wood said…
awwwwwwwwwwwwww... all smiley and fuzzy over here. (you really are a gifted photographer!)
SupahMommy said…
That is so kind! I'm so sorry it took me this long to accept my lovely gift from you. It made my day.

I am glad to read your blog and to comment. :)

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