Black and White (Poem)

Today happened to be a very gloomy day for me just like yesterday. Yesterday, I visited my college in the night. If you ask me why, I'm afraid I've no answer to that. I thought a lot about my past years and about the person who filled my thoughts, my dreams and my every wakeful moments in those days. Maybe this is 'coz I said "Goodbye" to my PYT and my mind became empty again. Anyways... I came back and penned down my thoughts in my diary and which appeared to me as some sort... er... ahem... poetry. I've posted that in my other blog and I request you all to take a look at it and tell me whether it really sounds like a poetry or something else?

Anyways... Here's the link to my other blog -


Steven Anthony said…
as I said on your other blog, your ability to write from your heart is beautiful.

keep sharing my friend
dannyd said…
I have been browsing this blog for a little bit, and I have to say that you are a brilliant writer!

Thanks for following my blog! I will be following you, and hope that you can download my toolbar soon, and will continue to comment... :D
4evernite said…
That is a powerful poem and yes, I would most definitely call that poetry. It pulled at my heart-strings with every line read. I hope it helped to write it and get some of the blues away from your heart and onto paper?
Jo said…
Hi, my friend. I'm sorry this finds your heart in such turmoil.

It simply wasn't right this time. Someday--maybe not tomorrow, but one day there won't be even the slightest hesitation on the girls part whose heart won yours--she will not be able to contain a very enthusiastic 'yes' and your love will be equal in all measures.

Stay strong and keep writing....

Thanks you for always stopping by my blog--your comments of love and support are deeply felt and appreciated.

Peace, love and happiness,
"Diary Of A Sad Housewife"

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