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Hi all!

I've started yet another blog solely dedicated to stories from Hindu and other mythologies of the world. These are stories that were told to me by my dad when I was a kid and taking into consideration the vast majority of my followers from outside India, I thought it'd be an interesting thing to tell you all about the stories from the Hindu mythology that you might have never heard of. I do not intend to propagate or popularise Hinduism. Religion is the last thing you should think of when you visit that blog. All I want to do is to share with you such fascinating stories which I grew up listening to. And believe me, some of the stories are so really interesting that I'm sure, at least some of you are going to come back and visit that blog again and again. Also, these are good bed time stories for your kids if you have run short of all those fairy tales and other stories of elves and goblets.

And for those who are familiar with the stories from Hindu mythology, I need to bring to your notice that almost every story has another version which you might have heard off. These are stories that were passed on to generations after generations and it has always been a subject to modification. What remains the same is the moral that these stories were intended to propagate. So, do not feel aghast that I told a story in a different perspective. As I told you, these are the ones which were told to the little me by my dad. I'm only reproducing it from my memory.

And here is the link to my new blog - Myths, Tales & More...

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