Ekan to the rescue...

Today, as I was riding back from my office, I stopped for a light snack at a little snack bar. As I stood there munching on a meat roll and sipping on a bottle of soda, I heard a distant cry - "meeeooow, meeeoow". I immediately looked around the place. It was dark and couldn't see anything. I took the flash light from my pocket and flashed it around and I saw a tiny little kitten wedged between two gunny bags and mewing at me. One look at it and I picked it up and guess what? It was an abandoned kitten. The store keeper who was standing near me asked me whether I'd be interested in giving it a shelter. I took a second look at it. It was thin and sickly yet very cute. It had a ginger grey coat and a long tail too. I immediately remembered one of my colleagues asking me for a kitten. The next thing I do is put it in my bag and bring it home. I lost my colleagues number and so couldn't call her up and ask whether she was still interested in a kitten. And so I took a few pics. of this cat and send her her a mail with the pics. Hope this little kitten gets a home soon! I could've kept it me-self if not for Tasha. Contrary to what I thought, Tasha is being attacked by this fierce little lady!

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