My first karoke attempt

Never before have I tried singing with a karoke and simply because I didn't know how to do it. Whenever I listen to someone singing to a karoke, I see that it's as good as the original track. I never bothered to find out how they do it. I mean, the mixing of sound and all is so perfect. I always thought there were a lot of machines involved and hence always kept me-self away from it. But today, suddenly and just like that I felt like giving it a try. But I do not have a proper recording device or anything with me. I only had my trusted Sony Ericsson W550i mobile phone, which is what I use to maintain my song blog (Ekan learns to sing...). I contemplated on the idea and finall came up with "wtf, I'll try with what I have and that's it. So I downloaded a karoke track of one of my favourite songs (Minnalae nee vandhadenadi..., which is a Tamil song from the movie 'May Madham') and just sang along with and recorded it using my mobile phone. It came out to be much better than I anticipated! Though there were a lot of disturbance and crackling noise, I think I managed to pull the stunt.

Today, I invite you all to my song blog to hear me pull the karoke stunt!

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