I got my song back...

A second post on the same day! But I can't help but share my excitement in being able to listen to a song long, long forgotten. This is an old Malayalam romantic song rendered K. J. Yesudas in his younger days. What a magnificent voice he had for a boy of his age. He must have been in his late twenties when he sung this song (probably my age!). And I'm not surprised that he shot to fame at such a young age and later on went to be hailed as one of the best voices in the history of Indian music. Fresh and energetic... Ah! How I wish I had a voice like his... Hm... But the song is special not just for the young voice of an iconic singer but also for the soft melodious tune without much nuances and any over play of instruments. And that's how old songs anywhere in the world was. The singer had more prominence and since there was not much of technology to enhance the voice and stuff, the singer always had to give his/her best shot. Besides, there was no space enough for mediocrity. But the techno-world has given relaxation to those stringent rules. Anyone, who sings quite fairly can become a Grammy award winner now-a-days! Even if he has a cold on the day of recording, his sound comes out so well. I feel that the present day songs are not SUNG but MADE with a lot of stuff. Ok! Ok! Let me not sound too much like an old-block-head. The fact remains that those good old songs have survived ages and we still remember the good old Carpenters, Jim Reeves and Elvis where as the new age singers and all the boy and girl bands are fading from memory in no time. I do not want to pass any judgement here (I think I've already done that!) but when it comes to songs, OLD is GOLDER to me.

And here is the song that made my day:

I looked for a karoke for the same song and memorised the lines in no time (I told you, they are simple) and sung it and posted it in my song blog. Here is the link for those who are interested to listen to me singing the same song. CLICK HERE

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