My friend's leaving

It's 3 in the morning and I haven't slept yet. In fact, I was out with my friend till now. I had a particularly difficult day today. This friend of mine who is also a colleague was a great comfort for me in my lonely hours. He is the only person with whom I had a one on one open hearted conversations in the past few months. It was in no time that we became good friends from being mere colleagues. He's also my beer-buddy! Besides, he's the only person of my age as my friend in town. So, his sudden announcement of resignation from job did bother me a lot. I felt very distracted and couldn't put my mind in whatever I was doing. After the office hours, I came back home and sat locked in my room as usual. But by about 10'o clock I decided to pay him a visit at his bachelor's room and I didn't wait another minute.

We sat there discussing about a lot of things as usual and by around 12.30 I suggested that we'd go out for a ride and he immediately obliged. And so we roamed around the city for the next two hours. The night patrol man stopped us in between and asked us why are we on the road when we should be cosily curled up under our blankets and dreaming about all the PYT's and CYT's in our life (PYT - Pretty Young Thing & CYT - Cute Young Thing). Maybe 'coz we didn't look like trouble makers that he left us even without the customary warning.

He has put in his papers and will be here till the 30th of this month. And after that... Ah! It's going to be the same lonely days for me.

Also I send a mail to my previous girl friend asking her what happened to her promise of meeting me? Not that I'm too bothered about that meeting now. But ever since she said she'd meet up with me in a few weeks time almost 2 months back, I've been waiting to hear from her. I've given her my number too. But no calls and no intimations of anything so far. And I'm no fool not to understand that she is least bothered to meet me, from her silence. I was just hoping against hope that she'd respect my request for a meeting. Or at least let me know whether we'd be meeting or not. I thought she owed me at least that much of a gentle consideration than to keep me waiting like this. No. I'm not angry or frustrated at her. I possibly can't expect her to be any considerate to me. Yet... Just that it's too much trouble to be expecting to hear from her every time I see an unknown number flashing on the now chewed up (result of Tasha's new found taste for mobile phones) screen of my mobile phone.

What more do I have to say? Nothing, in fact...

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