Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wait'n for X'mas

Yet another X'mas in the offing and I see a lot of my friends talking about their elaborate preparations for a happy get together of families and friends. I'm not a Christian. I have never read the Bible except in parts. Yet, I've always loved the spirit of this season. I've seen it in many movies and read about it in many books. My first encounter with the spirit of X'mas was is my 8th standard English text book in school which had the most popular story - A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. The author he-self has said about the story thus -
"I have endeavoured in this Ghostly little book, to raise the Ghost of an Idea, which shall not put my readers out of humour with themselves, with each other, with the season, or with me. May it haunt their houses pleasantly, and no one wish to lay it.

Their faithful Friend and Servant,

(December, 1843)"

And truly so, the "Ghost of an Idea" has haunted me ever since then. Though we were a Hindu family and not celebrate X'mas, there always used to hang a colourful little star at the entrance of my house when my Dad was alive. He never failed to buy a new star from one of the street vendors every other year. And I never failed to sit, gazing at the new colourful wonder that he brought home every year at the time of X'mas. It was back in 1992, if I can remember well enough, that I had my only X'mas feast till date. We had an old retired couple as our neighbour and had their three children, all living abroad, come together for that X'mas. So, Lilly aunty decided to host a grand X'mas feast and invited us all for it. I never knew what the occasion was 'coz for me X'mas was all about hanging a colourful star at the door of my home. But that was a new experience for me. They had an X'mas tree, a miniature haystack with the baby Jesus in it and a lot many other things which seems to be vague in my memory. Any how, I joined them in their prayers, songs and happily feasted on the chicken dishes and cakes and ice creams... It was after 4 years that I read about X'mas in A Christmas Carol. I still cherish the only X'mas I had in my life.

After many years, I had a g'friend who was a Christian and I dreamed of that-one-day when I'd be celebrating an X'mas in its true spirit with her family. Her mom makes ginger-vine for every X'mas and she always brought me a portion of it. Oh wow! Such heavenly vine, I've never tasted in my life.

On another occasion, I remember going to a very old Church in a big city in my country and lighting a hundred candles with her. I do not remember whether it had anything to do with X'mas, but it sure happened in the month of December. Even funnier is the fact that my g'friend was an atheist (At least, she claimed to be one!). And a happy and happening X'mas is one more thing I miss after our break up. Now, I do not see how I'd ever celebrate an X'mas in my life! Unfortunately, none of my friends are Christians either!

Last year, I did go to a Church and attend the prayers on the Christmas eve. But it's never fun to be alone, to be an Ekan, in such a gathering. I felt very awkward after a while and returned to my lonely room and spent the night reading A Christmas Carol, maybe for the nth time.

But wait, I don't think I'll be dead so soon. I still have years ahead of me and if things happen as I anticipate, I'd get a chance yet again to attend a Christmas and a Happy New Year in its true spirit and I look forward to that with great joy and expectations.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Good Eyesight is Fundamental"

This is one of the smartest ads I've ever seen!

The base line of the add, when translated into English says, "Good eyesight is fundamental" 

Agency - AlmapBBDO/Sao Paulo
Client - Art Foco
Writer - Cesar Herszkowicz
Art Director - Gustavo Victorino
Creative Directors - Marcello Serpa & Luiz Sanches 

Swami says...

"Physical bravery is an animal instinct; moral bravery is a much higher and truer courage."

And here we're, trying to justify all our faults by telling others and ourselves, "after all, we're animals too"!

Swami Vivekananda

Monday, November 23, 2009

My friend's leaving

It's 3 in the morning and I haven't slept yet. In fact, I was out with my friend till now. I had a particularly difficult day today. This friend of mine who is also a colleague was a great comfort for me in my lonely hours. He is the only person with whom I had a one on one open hearted conversations in the past few months. It was in no time that we became good friends from being mere colleagues. He's also my beer-buddy! Besides, he's the only person of my age as my friend in town. So, his sudden announcement of resignation from job did bother me a lot. I felt very distracted and couldn't put my mind in whatever I was doing. After the office hours, I came back home and sat locked in my room as usual. But by about 10'o clock I decided to pay him a visit at his bachelor's room and I didn't wait another minute.

We sat there discussing about a lot of things as usual and by around 12.30 I suggested that we'd go out for a ride and he immediately obliged. And so we roamed around the city for the next two hours. The night patrol man stopped us in between and asked us why are we on the road when we should be cosily curled up under our blankets and dreaming about all the PYT's and CYT's in our life (PYT - Pretty Young Thing & CYT - Cute Young Thing). Maybe 'coz we didn't look like trouble makers that he left us even without the customary warning.

He has put in his papers and will be here till the 30th of this month. And after that... Ah! It's going to be the same lonely days for me.

Also I send a mail to my previous girl friend asking her what happened to her promise of meeting me? Not that I'm too bothered about that meeting now. But ever since she said she'd meet up with me in a few weeks time almost 2 months back, I've been waiting to hear from her. I've given her my number too. But no calls and no intimations of anything so far. And I'm no fool not to understand that she is least bothered to meet me, from her silence. I was just hoping against hope that she'd respect my request for a meeting. Or at least let me know whether we'd be meeting or not. I thought she owed me at least that much of a gentle consideration than to keep me waiting like this. No. I'm not angry or frustrated at her. I possibly can't expect her to be any considerate to me. Yet... Just that it's too much trouble to be expecting to hear from her every time I see an unknown number flashing on the now chewed up (result of Tasha's new found taste for mobile phones) screen of my mobile phone.

What more do I have to say? Nothing, in fact...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I got my song back...

A second post on the same day! But I can't help but share my excitement in being able to listen to a song long, long forgotten. This is an old Malayalam romantic song rendered K. J. Yesudas in his younger days. What a magnificent voice he had for a boy of his age. He must have been in his late twenties when he sung this song (probably my age!). And I'm not surprised that he shot to fame at such a young age and later on went to be hailed as one of the best voices in the history of Indian music. Fresh and energetic... Ah! How I wish I had a voice like his... Hm... But the song is special not just for the young voice of an iconic singer but also for the soft melodious tune without much nuances and any over play of instruments. And that's how old songs anywhere in the world was. The singer had more prominence and since there was not much of technology to enhance the voice and stuff, the singer always had to give his/her best shot. Besides, there was no space enough for mediocrity. But the techno-world has given relaxation to those stringent rules. Anyone, who sings quite fairly can become a Grammy award winner now-a-days! Even if he has a cold on the day of recording, his sound comes out so well. I feel that the present day songs are not SUNG but MADE with a lot of stuff. Ok! Ok! Let me not sound too much like an old-block-head. The fact remains that those good old songs have survived ages and we still remember the good old Carpenters, Jim Reeves and Elvis where as the new age singers and all the boy and girl bands are fading from memory in no time. I do not want to pass any judgement here (I think I've already done that!) but when it comes to songs, OLD is GOLDER to me.

And here is the song that made my day:

I looked for a karoke for the same song and memorised the lines in no time (I told you, they are simple) and sung it and posted it in my song blog. Here is the link for those who are interested to listen to me singing the same song. CLICK HERE

Ramblings of a non relegious mind...

I seem to be having a lot of things to discuss but... I'm still struggling to come out... Let's forget the whining part. I'll tell you one thing that has been bothering me since a long time now - God.

Aha! The much debated topic right? But what I want is not to prove whether there truly is a God or not. In fact, that is something very much irrelevant to me. I do not care for the existence of all the Jesus' and Krishnas of the world. To me, someone who feeds me when I'm hungry is God enough.

I had this little conversation with a Christian friend of me over this subject and she tried her best to convince me that there is only one true religion (Christianity) and only one God that is Jesus. Her arguments were clever but nothing new. I've heard it too many times from my other Christian friends to realise that they are all nothing original but Church taught. Lessons (venoms, I'd rather say) fed in Sunday schools. For eg. when I said I can see Krishna in Jesus and Jesus in Krishna she retorted like this - "What if you walk into a diners and find your wife sitting with another man and she tells you she was seeing me in him?". I had to struggle a lot not to laugh at this and I didn't laugh 'coz I didn't want to hurt her. After all, it's her presence that's making my day for a while now!

Are... My wife has to tell such a funny answer only if I roll my eyes at her 'coz I found her sitting with another man! Here, the trouble is with the husband and not with the wife. She might have been sitting with a friend of hers and only when I want to stop her from having male friends that she becomes forced to say such funny things. Else, I can as well, join them at their table and she can introduce me to her friend. And if there's anything more between her and that man, that'd eventually come to light. Why do I have to screw up my happiness by suspecting her? And (hypothetically) what if she truly sees me in him and that she do not have any trouble with that? I may not be able to accept it. Then again, the trouble is with me and not her. The problem here is that I basically do not trust my wife and I've no faith in her. Am I right? So, here comes the question - what's true faith? And my answer is "Faith is not belief without proof, but trust without reservation". And believe me, it's not as easy as it sounds. I, me-self do not have any true faith 'coz I still suspect things, I'm still very speculative about many things but God. I strongly believe that there is a God. But my God is not Jesus or Krishna or Buddha or Allah... To me, he who is capable of true love is God. It could be my friend, my dad, my mom, even my dog...

Let me explain this. Kindness, nobility, courage, moral strength, compassion, caring, nurturing etc. etc. etc. are the things that we attribute to God, am I right? Jesus had all this and he was in human form, for all that we know for sure. And we are ready to call him God. That's fine. I too'd call him God. But I never knew him personally nor did any of you. But if you look around, look close there'd be a person in your life too who has all these qualities but in varying degrees. And you might not have even realised his/her worth in your life when you're busy going to the churches and temples. In my case, it was my dad. He was very caring, supportive, a pillar of strength, courageous, noble and a morally correct person. Why can't he be God, as well? The argument my friend had was that unlike my dad, Jesus was born without any sexual intercourse between Joseph and Mary! And how true can that be? It is said so in Bible, all right. But is that enough (a book which gets printed at the the press in my neighbourhood) proof of Jesus' miraculous birth? After all, Jesus could have been just another abandoned child whom these couples found out by chance! But does it really matter? Why should someone become God just 'coz his birth was shrouded in mystery? Then none of the Hindu God's ever had a proper birth for that reason. Lord Ganesha was carved from sandal wood. Lord Muruga was born out of a lotus. Lord Ayyappa was born out of a magical unison of two male Gods (Shiva and Vishnu) and the list continues. And all these are recorded in our various mythological texts (Puranas). What about them? They too had non-sexual births. Is that enough to consider them Gods? And for that matter, our mythological texts speak of even Asuras (Demons) who had such magical, no-sex involved, births! What about them?

Then there she tried to convince me by telling me that, Jesus did magical curing! Are, even demi-god people like Sai Baba and Amruthanandamai do magical curing almost every single day. There are true life testimonials of ascetics at the foothills of Himalayas who does magical curing. Are they Gods? Oh mine, then India is so full of Gods!

Her next argument was that Jesus got himself crucified for the betterment of humanity. In that case, I'd like Krishna better to have caused the war between Pandavas and the evil Kauravas and got the latter killed and saved a whole nation from the clutches of evil doers. I admire Shiva to be so short tempered and kills every demon with one swish of his Trishul!

I do not know how many of you're still reading this. If you're still reading this, I promise you'd not be disappointed by me. I promise not to hurt any of your religious sentiments.

My point is not to prove Jesus was a lesser God. All I want to say is that Jesus is as much a God as Krishna is; as much a God as my Dad was. Jesus is as much a God as my friend who fed me for one whole month without twitching his one eye brow when I was jobless and penniless and lost in a big city. There is no one God in this world. This world is not such a small place. It is big enough to afford a million Jesus' but with other names and perceived in other faiths. And contrary to what she said, I do not believe that there's only one way to salvation. There are so many of them in the forms of different religions, faiths etc. etc. etc. Only when you can understand the true meaning of FAITH that you'll ever attain any kind of salvation. 

Every religion talks about loving humanity, loving your neighbour as much as you love thy self, caring for your fellow beings, not to hurt others, to be righteous, noble and courageous. Just that the different religious texts talk about these things in a different tone and in different languages. If you can read between the printed lines in your Bible, Quaran, Geeta or whatever, that's all the message is - Love. Love each other and protect each other. And what does that imply? It means that we are all capable of being Gods and we need to try and be that and not just mere mortals leading an existence of "I" and "mine" (I'm a Christian, I'm a Hindu, my people, my community...). Good that you have things for yourself and do consider it to be the best in the world. But others have their best things too. Respect each other, be accommodative... love each other (not the selfish love of I'd love my neighbour only if he believes in the same things that I do. That's no love at all).

Why is there so much of intolerance of other faiths when you yourself have not understood the true meaning of FAITH; when you yourself wouldn't trust your husband or wife with another person? Why this rivalry between religions? Why the blood sheds? Why? Why? Why?

And here is a call to all those who call themselves atheists and never miss an opportunity to sling mud on the concept of God and religions - You often ask, why are there so many natural disasters and why are so many women getting raped? And you smile and say, "see, there's no God". I do not wish to counter this. But let me ask you, why are you not doing anything about these inhumanistic activities going around in the world in the name of religion? Why don't you ever question them? Why don't you ever try to stop them? Why don't you urge your governments to bring about a rule that says "fighting over religion is a national crime that'd win you capital punishment"? What gain if you finally did prove that there is no such thing as God? Millions would've shed their blood and dear lives by the time you prove that you are intellectually superior to others in so meticulously being able to argue and prove that there's no God! See my point here? You might not even have enough people around you to celebrate your mighty victory over God!

Ah! Gr... I'm becoming a preacher myself! Good Lord, save me!!! I pray to you to either open the eyes of people and make them look at the truth or (if it's my eyes that's closed) open my eyes enough to agree to such horrible truths like "there's only one God", "there's only one true religion" and stuff.

As such, I too believe that there's only one God (that's there in you and me) and one religion that is Humanity.    

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm back...

Hi all,

I'm back. Not that I feel completely all right but the worst is over. I do not know what exactly was bothering me. I had been thinking a bit about my future, my career and then the most dreadful thing that is loneliness. All through the last week, I was feeling very gloomy, down and out. One main thing that triggered me was my apprehensions about my career. I work as a copy writer with an advertising agency in my town and I've not got any major break through since I joined this company in June. I'm someone brought up in a school of extensive writing - essays, feature articles, travelogues etc. and to convey things in a couple of sentences (couple of words even!) was something nearly close to impossible to me. I've ever been struggling and fumbling. But I was not too bothered about this as long as I enjoyed my work. But something happened a week ago. I didn't mention it then as I was not too clear about it me-self. My Creative Director happened to see some photographs taken by me and he was very much impressed by it. Now, photography is not my profession and just a fine hobby. He's aware of my difficulty with writing advertisement copies. And so he goes on to praise my skill in photography for about half hour and said I should be going out and trying my luck at photography than sitting there and writing copies. He was very genuine in what he said and I got all mixed up! The thing is, I'd love to take photography as my career but can't do it in my present financial condition. It requires an amount of investment on my part which I can't afford right now. I thought about this, thought about this... and finally some nuts and screws fell loose in my head. And along with that all the other things that were waiting for the Devil in my head to open the doors of my brain, just rushed in and wrecked havoc! I started becoming worried about just anything and everything around me. I started philosophising about the futility of human existence!!! Ha! ha! ha! And I guess, that's what every looser does in this world! Since they feel too weak to fight and their pride doesn't let them admit that they are weak, the next best thing he can do is to blame the world and make it look like one worthless, infertile land where no seeds of human efforts would ever sprout! I mean, look at the advantage of making oneself believe this. He's free of any responsibility of his actions and if he becomes a failure, it's not 'coz he didn't try enough but 'coz the world is not good enough to recognize his efforts. But if by any luck by chance he finally triumphs, he can always turn back and say, "Oh my God! What a fool I was all these years? I never knew "I" had so much in me to fight such an ugly world". Now, now, I've done that and I'm sure you've done that too at some point of your life. But believe me, that's when we truly fail. That's when we make ourselves the biggest fools in this world. 'coz we take credit for something that we never tried for and are too vain and proud to admit that our triumph was nothing but pure luck! Am I right? I do not think not too many people in here can contradict me in this. Any ways... I played my part in the usual blame game for over a week now and today morning, something seems to've struck my head from the blue and that made me see more sense in things. At least, I'm now sure about what I should be doing ahead. Yesterday I called up a professional photographer (just like that) and said I'd like him to review my photos. He agreed. Now, this means nothing. I might as well meet him, hear him talk about things new and just come back and feel depressed for another week or so. Let it be. At least I made my first move and once I do that I know there's no stopping me. I'll fight till the end even if it means a failure. But I promise not to give up without a good fight.

So friends, I'm back. And I'll soon come visiting all your lovely blogs and keep updating you about the crazy things in my life.

And let me thank all of you who showed such genuine concern for me and thanks again for all the love that was showered over me. Though I never responded then and sat stiff like a dumb duck, please know that my heart goes out to all who took the pain and time to leave such comforting words in my previous post! Thank you all and Thanks again...

With love,

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm so lonely, I'm so blue & I'm lost...

I know I've not been very active in here since a few days. I'm not visiting other blogs and I'm not commenting on posts too. It's 'coz I've not been feeling too good since a few days. I do not know what or why? I'm into a phase of brooding and my mind's always pre occupied. I'm anxious about something. I'm worried. I'm... Ah! I do not know what. Something seems to be troubling me. Something is unsettling me. It's been days since I had a good sleep. Been days since I ate properly. Ah! Gr!!! I can't pretend to be happy any more. I can't pretend to be all right any more. I'm... I'm... Hm...

Kindly excuse my absence and my much erratic behaviour. I'm unable to concentrate on just anything let alone blogging. I'm afraid I'm slowly slipping away from all of you. Wish you were all real people in my life - I mean, it freaks me out to see that the only people in my daily life and with whom I can share my heart's secrets are all so away and are nearly strangers to me. The only living thing with whom I share any sense of intimacy in my day to day life is Tasha. I love her, all right. But the poor thing can never substitute a human companion, can it? Why...

I know I'm proving to be a real laughing stoke by whining so publicly. But I can't keep it in my mind any more.

I'm so lonely, I'm so blue and I'm so lost!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Yet another theme blog

Hi all!

I've started yet another blog solely dedicated to stories from Hindu and other mythologies of the world. These are stories that were told to me by my dad when I was a kid and taking into consideration the vast majority of my followers from outside India, I thought it'd be an interesting thing to tell you all about the stories from the Hindu mythology that you might have never heard of. I do not intend to propagate or popularise Hinduism. Religion is the last thing you should think of when you visit that blog. All I want to do is to share with you such fascinating stories which I grew up listening to. And believe me, some of the stories are so really interesting that I'm sure, at least some of you are going to come back and visit that blog again and again. Also, these are good bed time stories for your kids if you have run short of all those fairy tales and other stories of elves and goblets.

And for those who are familiar with the stories from Hindu mythology, I need to bring to your notice that almost every story has another version which you might have heard off. These are stories that were passed on to generations after generations and it has always been a subject to modification. What remains the same is the moral that these stories were intended to propagate. So, do not feel aghast that I told a story in a different perspective. As I told you, these are the ones which were told to the little me by my dad. I'm only reproducing it from my memory.

And here is the link to my new blog - Myths, Tales & More...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ekan to the rescue...

Today, as I was riding back from my office, I stopped for a light snack at a little snack bar. As I stood there munching on a meat roll and sipping on a bottle of soda, I heard a distant cry - "meeeooow, meeeoow". I immediately looked around the place. It was dark and couldn't see anything. I took the flash light from my pocket and flashed it around and I saw a tiny little kitten wedged between two gunny bags and mewing at me. One look at it and I picked it up and guess what? It was an abandoned kitten. The store keeper who was standing near me asked me whether I'd be interested in giving it a shelter. I took a second look at it. It was thin and sickly yet very cute. It had a ginger grey coat and a long tail too. I immediately remembered one of my colleagues asking me for a kitten. The next thing I do is put it in my bag and bring it home. I lost my colleagues number and so couldn't call her up and ask whether she was still interested in a kitten. And so I took a few pics. of this cat and send her her a mail with the pics. Hope this little kitten gets a home soon! I could've kept it me-self if not for Tasha. Contrary to what I thought, Tasha is being attacked by this fierce little lady!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"The name is Ekan, Ekanthapadhikan"

Ideally, this should have been the first post in my blog. But I was not aware that my name - Ekanthapadhikan - would raise such curiosity among others. In fact, I never gave a second thought to it when I had to choose a nick name for me-self. Eventually, I noticed that people who could make sense out of my nick name liked it and others (maybe) took it for a real name. And for those who thought it to be my real name, well, it's not. It's a nick name that I've been using for a long time now, though I started using it in public forums only recently.

Well, well Ekanthapadhikan  means 'A lonely wanderer' - 'Ekan' means 'lonely' and 'Padhikan' means a person who walks around. This is a word in my mother tongue, Malayalam and it is never used as a real name. It's a qualifying word that explains the state of being of a man.

And why did I choose this name? The answer is simple. Throughout my life till date, I've always found me-self to be an odd person out in my family, in society and among my friends.

My family on my father's side is a typical patriarchal, conservative one and I've always been accused of being less 'Man' like 'coz I contradict their ideas of getting their girls married in their early 20's and 'coz I always supported the idea of their daughters taking up a job and getting financially independent before they could get tied down by a marriage. Even my cousins on my father's side are all their predecessor's mould and obviously they find it difficult to mix with me. Also because they follow a set of traditions and values so blindly when, I ask questions against it. They think I'm a rebel, a lunatic, a self willed and arrogant person. But I'm not all that. In fact, I do value and respect my tradition but wouldn't follow it blindly. And so, I'm not accepted very whole heartedly there.

My mom's family is only a name-sake family. I don't find them close to each other and they're so totally unscrupulous but very educated people. They value nothing and doubts everyone. They're the kinds who wouldn't send their daughters with their fathers and thinks very great about it. They are all big time hypocrites who think they're the most sophisticated and perfect people on this planet. And I don't even know how many cousins I have on  that side. You can guess, there isn't even a question of me-self getting along with them.

Coming to friends, well, I do have a handful of friends who love me, trust me and treats me well. But unfortunately I do not share much things with them be it music, movies, books or just anything. They find my tastes very odd though they do not object to them and at times even like me for my quirkiness. And I love them back with all their faults and miss givings just like they love me. But that doesn't make me feel any less lonelier either.

Besides my favourite pass time is to go on bike rides to different places and all that I usually have for a companion would be my camera with recharged cells in it. And that makes me an Ekanthapadhikan - The lonely wanderer!

And that's the story behind my name.

And now, many of you shortened my name to Ekan (meaning a 'lonely man') which sounds much better. In fact, there were instances when I signed my mail as Ekan and later correct it.

So... What say?

Does your name has a story behind it?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Two Awards & 30+ handouts (You could've received one too!)

Ah! I'm Happy. I'm Happy, Hippy, Hoppy... to announce that I received two awards for my blogs.

Let me not go too much into the details. My first award is the Superior Scribbler Award which was handed out to me by both Meenakshi Nair @ Ponderings and Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY. THANKS A LOT FRIENDS!!!

And that's why Meenakshi gave me this award - "A multi talented person, whose writing is as good as his singing. Oh, and must say he too is a multiple blogger, like me".

But this award comes with some rules and they are:
  • Each Superior Scribbler must in turn pass The Award on to 5 most-deserving Bloggy Friends.
  • Each Superior Scribbler must link to the author & the name of the blog from whom he/she has received The Award.
  • Each Superior Scribbler must display The Award on his/her blog, and link to This Post, which explains The Award.
  • Each Blogger who wins The Superior Scribbler Award must visit this post and add his/her name to the Mr. Linky List. That way, we'll be able to keep up-to-date on everyone who receives This Prestigious Honor!
  • Each Superior Scribbler must post these rules on his/her blog.
And so I pass this award to these 5 people that I choose in random among to the 50+ bloggers that I follow.
  1. Brian Miller @ WAYSTATIONONE, for maintaining a blog with a clean posts rich in imagination and good language.
  2. Matthew @ AbodeOne Three, for sheer descriptive elegance that he brings to his each post.
  3. SupahMommy @ Adventures of a Wanna-Be SupahMommy, for making me laugh without a fail every time I visit her.
  4. Steven Anthony @ No Excuse, No Explanation, for maintaining a blog so vivid with his own experiences and unique regular columns like 'Friday Phone Calls' 
  5. Braja @ LOST and FOUND in INDIA, for the kind of very insightful things that she writes about. She calls herself a Blogging Yogini' and I can't agree any less to that.
And here is the Mr. Linky List for you to register your name as the recepient of this award.

Ok, now to my second award. This is called 'A present For Your Blog' award and this was given to me by MITR-FRIEND @ My Travelogue. I got this one for my travel blog - Where The Roads Take Me. I'm surprised that I got an award for that blog 'coz that's the least noticed of the 5 blogs that I maintain. I'm overwhelmed at this!!! THANKS A LOT MITR!

And look at what she had to say about me - "A biker man from Kerala who goes wherever the road take him. A brand new yet a promising blog. And I actually like his name very much".

Luckily, there are no rules attached to this award. There is no passing this award to X number of other bloggers. But, I can't ignore the fact that I got these awards 'coz of you. And how better can I show my gratitude to all those who had taken the time to go through my blogs? And so I pass on this award to the following people:
  1. Meenakshi Nair @ Ponderings (Obviously)
  2. Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY (Obviously)
  3. Stacy J Warner @ Stacey's Respite
  4. Chief @ (Hiding from the Kids)
  5. Mama Zen @ The Zen Of Motherhood
  10. Unknown Mami @ Unknown Mami
  11. Vodka Logic @ VODKA LOGIC
  12. Lily Robinson @ Becoming an author... my journey
  14. Joanna Jenkins @ The Fifty Factor
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Puf... pant... woooo... I think that's enough for now.

And, I'll not say that these are all the bloggers who I follow regularly. In fact, I do not follow more than maybe 10 or 15 blogs on a regular basis. But we've all visited each other's blogs one time or the other and have left such wonderful comments that were an inspiration for me to keep blogging. If not for you, I would've stopped blogging long back! And I take this opportunity to tell you that I have not forgotten you and also that your presence at my blog will always be remembered.

Now, if anyone still feels that I've missed out on you it's either 'coz I find some of the blogs not accessible any more or 'coz I simply missed out on you (I couldn't sit and find each one of you. I'm sorry.)

And finally, Tasha & Ekan Thank You All for your wonderful support and encouragements!
(Ops! I can't pose for a decent pic. ever since I had that wretched chickenpox)

Monday, November 2, 2009

My first karoke attempt

Never before have I tried singing with a karoke and simply because I didn't know how to do it. Whenever I listen to someone singing to a karoke, I see that it's as good as the original track. I never bothered to find out how they do it. I mean, the mixing of sound and all is so perfect. I always thought there were a lot of machines involved and hence always kept me-self away from it. But today, suddenly and just like that I felt like giving it a try. But I do not have a proper recording device or anything with me. I only had my trusted Sony Ericsson W550i mobile phone, which is what I use to maintain my song blog (Ekan learns to sing...). I contemplated on the idea and finall came up with "wtf, I'll try with what I have and that's it. So I downloaded a karoke track of one of my favourite songs (Minnalae nee vandhadenadi..., which is a Tamil song from the movie 'May Madham') and just sang along with and recorded it using my mobile phone. It came out to be much better than I anticipated! Though there were a lot of disturbance and crackling noise, I think I managed to pull the stunt.

Today, I invite you all to my song blog to hear me pull the karoke stunt!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tasha & Me-self!

Couldn't squeeze in much time to write more and hence posting some pics. of my dear girl, Tasha and a scary self portrait of me-self!

See, I give her a good pillow to sleep on and she absolutely loves it.

She got a bit scared at the clicking noise made by my camera!

And that's the scary self portrait that I was telling you about...

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