Leave me alone!!!

Leave me alone... I know you're loyal. I know you care. I know you have died a 1000 deaths for me, in my hands... But dear friend, you're killing me. In your efforts to give me company in my lonely hours and sooth me off my pains, you're taking away a day of my dear life everytime you burn to ashes for me. Now, is that good, though we love each other and find great comfort in being there for the other? Look at it dear one, death is laughing all the way to heaven everytime you burn in pain for me... Isn't it time we parted ways? Isn't it time that we said "Good bye" to one another? I know, it's much easier said than done. I know the agony of parting ways with dear ones. I'll miss you and miss you like hell. Everyday's going to be lonelier... But for God's sake... Just leave me alone...


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