Is it all about sex?

Yesterday while I was riding back home from one of my friend's house, there was this man, dark, balding, short and probably in his mid 40-s, showing his thump to every other motorbike that passed him. It was almost three quarters past 11 at night and the last town bus would have passed by around 11. I could understand his predicament 'coz I had been in his position many times in my past before I owned a motorbike for myself. And it used to be only rarely when someone took pity at my situation and offered me a lift. I didn't have to think twice before I offered to help him. Well, I'm aware of the dangers of such human helps. I have heard too many of bizarre happenings that had happened to people who thought themselves to be good samaritans, from the news daily and otherwise.

Anyways... Overwhelmed by gratitude he confessed that he was a little drunk. I said it was alright. He then asked me whether I was married? I said I was not old enough to get married. He asked me my age and I said I'm 26. "You're old enough to have kids", he said and chuckled at his own little joke. "Ok. Tell me sir, are you in love?", he asked.

"Oh no. I was, and lost it", I said.

"Oh! I'm so sorry. Can I know what happened?", he asked and then added, "I'm sorry if I'm getting too personal. Even I had an affair when I was young and that's why I asked you".

"That's ok. I can understand your curiosity. It's just that one fine day she found someone better and that's it".

"How long were you together?", he wanted to know.

"4 and half years"

"Oh! That's a long time! But...", he hesitated before asking me.

"But? What is it?"

"Did something happen between you? I mean..."

"Of course. But why did you ask that?"

"Ok. At least you got something there".

"Got something?". What did I get? I thought I shared something there. I didn't get anything. Sexual gratification? Bull shit! I say BULL SHIT!!

Now, I was shocked at this remark. Not that he's the first one to say it. Yet... And mind you, it's only the men who have ever made such a remark. Any female who have come to know about this incident in my life has only asked me whether or not I hurt her physically when she said she's ditching me for someone else.

I wonder... and am forced to say that if women are bitches, men are nothing short of bastards. No wonder women have such bad opinion about men. No wonder they feel that men take them only for sexual objects! This is really sad. Why are men so sick?

If sex is all that I want in a relationship with a girl, I better approach a prostitute, right? At least I'll be saved from all the emotional turmoils and running around to get things done for her. I wouldn't have to take efforts to see that she's happy with me and least of all I never has to care to please her. I wouldn't have to keep complimenting her for her good looks and take efforts to preserve her morale. Also I'd have the choice to sleep with different women according to my fancy. I needn't carry the burden of commitment, fidelity etc. etc. etc. Also, to look at it from a financial point of view, it's anytime easier to pay a prostitute than maintaing a family, buying gifts at every other occasion, shelling out money on movies, fairs and not to forget the lakhs I'd have to spent in educating our children and stuff!

Wake up men, wake up!! Change yourself before it's too late! There's still a chance to make this world a better place to live in.

Anyways, I left him near his house and we parted ways wishing each other a good night.


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