When the phone bell rang and I saw her name flashing on the screen,
I missed a heart beat, I guess. Or was it two and one more?

I knew I always wished to hear her voice,
and all the more that day.
But this was a surprise I've been wishing for a long time.
I let it ring for a while before I picked it up.
Kept gazing at her name on the screen.
I answered the call with a kiss as silent as silence could be.
I didn't want her to know...

Ah! That sound sank into my soul.


What did we talk?
The 10 or odd minutes seemed like eternity.
I'd rather call it "sweet nothings".

Does she know about all this?
I dare not to let her know.
'coz I fear I may loose a good friend.

To me, a girl of my fancy is as much a friend.
But people seldom understand that.
"How can your girl friend be your friend?"
Oh no. A girl friend is a friend who is a girl.
Why should it have a different meaning?

And I don't know my "PYT" too well.
She might misunderstand me as well.
So let her think she's a friend who's a girl.

Oh! But... How much I wish I could listen to her voice again?
Over and over again...
And fill my heart with a melody never heard before!

PST: I know this is utter rubbish. I wrote it 'coz I couldn't keep it bottled in my heart.


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