Made in China!

The recent campaign to say no to all Chinese products in India because we have a border issue with them...

If that has to be followed, we Indians would end up throwing all electronic goods at our home including our mobile phones, TVs, washing machines and what not?

I mean, even if you have an Onida TV at home, you can disassemble it and see that one of the parts, of the TV, or the TV itself would have a sticker that says "Made in China."

I can at least talk about those who own the latest, most advanced and feature-rich mobile handsets.

iPhone is supposed to be American but you's see a sticker in it saying "Made in China."

Samsung is Korean but you's see a sticker in it saying "Made in China."

Panasonic and Sony are originally Japanese companies but you'd see the same sticker on them.

Bosch and Siemens are German, Whirlpool is American, and LG -- again a Korean company, but in India, they all carry the sticker of "Made in China."

So all those "nationalists" asking us to stop using Chinese products must first stop using these brands.

And you must not forget the fact that, whoever that dumb idiot who started this online campaign, made use of a laptop or a desktop which has a label of "Made in China on it!"

I agree, India as a country has hostile neighbours including China but don't we have a better way of resolving our border issues than threatening each other with our Army strength and nuclear arsenals?


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