Finding a reason to love my enemy

I had hate and I wanted to kill my enemy, his family, his friends, neighbours, allies and everyone who supported him. My hate for him was justified because he killed as my dear and near ones.
I was looking for an opportunity to destroy him and everything that was his too but I had no means until I got the power of 'parakaya pravesham', the mystic art or the knowledge of dominating another person's soul or living in another person's body.
What better way to take revenge? What better a way to destroy my enemy's life? I can wreck havoc in his day today life...
I became him and waited for the right opportunity to strike but...
I got a different mother who prepared meals for me with much love just like my mother used to do.
I got different brothers and sisters who love me as the brothers and sisters that I had.
I got a gang of friends who would hang out with me, tease me, and be with me in my hard times...
Now with all the love and care I get from the kith and kin of my 'enemy' my vengeance seems so meaningless, and I just wonder what prompted my may-have-been-friend to have committed all those monstrosities?


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