I'd like to cast my vote but...

I'm a journalist and a secular minded person, and it personally hurts me when anyone utters the new found words "Sickular" and "Presstitue."

The word "Prestitute" annoys me the most because it carries with it the very core of the dastardly patriarchal tendency we all secretly hide within ourselves.

Why should be a journalist whom you cannot agree with be termed a "prestitute" and not anything else?

Why isn't this term used against journalists in the US or any other European countries?

And why is anyone who is not against Hindu culture but against Hinduising the entire community just like what Hitler tried to do by mass massacring Jews, called, a 'Sickular'?

I'm against the current trend of 'sensation mongering' journalism, as much as I'm against religious conversions -- I mean why would a Church ask a hungry man whether he'd convert to Christianity if the Church could feed him? The moment you ask for a favour in return, where's the charity in it?

Having said that, do I support the 'Ghar wapsi' movement? My answer is a big "No."

Do I support the RSS or the BJP ideologies which has twisted and maligned the true values of Hinduism? My answer is a BIG "NO."

So, do I buy the Marxist ideologies?

"NO" because they themselves have proved it as too 'ideal', which is never practical -- it's an Utopian ideology.

Now, does that mean I'm a Congress sympathiser or an AAP supporter?

Well, I'm a Congress sympathiser and I don't even count AAP as a political party which can do any better than the others.

And to reiterate -- I'm only a Congress 'sympathiser' but not a fan, and I believe that unless the Congress realise the ideology of secularism and equal rights within itself, it's dead, and it's not too long before where we, the citizens of India, would stop considering you as a serious and major political party anymore.

Think about it fellow citizens -- when the next election comes knocking at our door steps, we're left with no choice -- punch for BJP which is the strongest but not the best, or punch for any other political party of your choice, which cannot even prove to be a worthy opposition, or else, still exercise your right to vote and punch NOTA, and say it officially that you're not happy or satisfied with the candidate or the political ideologies being followed!

Well, with my political convictions, I'm going to punch 'NOTA' again!

Else let the Sanghis, Comies or the Congies come to me and prove to me that they're going to make my surroundings a better place!

Let them prove to me that, beyond their political agendas, they can think about and work towards peaceful and meaningful coexistence of the citizens of Indian Republic.


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