Is this against media ethics?

This is one-of-a-kind of a celebrity interview. Unlike many who says this was the ultimate from-the-heart interview, I consider this the worst interview ever, and against any media ethics.

I mean, the girl was on a high, though she spoke her heart out. You can even see her smoking a hokkah and she was talking in an intoxicated state of mind, and you can even see the interviewer encouraging her.

I mean, is this supposed to be a media interview. I can understand if this was a personal conversation between them?

I've nothing against what she said, but I'd have applauded if this was a proper interview.

Thinking again, what's a proper interview?

But is this an example of it?

Or, as the many scripted 'reality shows' go, was this also a rehearsed one? Of course Parvathy is a good actress and I like her too!


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