Sheldon Cooper and Me!

I somehow feel more and more like the character Sheldon Cooper from the TV sitcom 'Big Bang Theory'.

I don't mean, I'm a smart successful scientist. I'm rather a dull and invisible sub editor working for the English online edition of a Malayalam (read Regional) newspaper, but I'm beginning to show all the anti-social behaviour that he express.

I've got my own spot on the sofa in my house, which I would wait to sit on if someone else is sitting there.

I make very 'inappropriate' comments to women, even though in my mind I'm just talking plain and inoffensive, and perhaps even clinical.

I show signs of intellectual arrogance even though in my mind, I'm just trying to put across my point that appeals completely logical to me.

I'm getting more and more desensitised towards feelings like what others call expressions of love and affection - it's like I'm increasingly growing intolerant towards anyone touching me unless I need to be touched.

Talking about that last one thing - human touch - I switch between Sheldon and Howard and Rajesh. Sometimes I hate to give even a handshake, and at other times, when it's a young female, I hold the hand a little too tight.

Strange what years of an inactive social life can do to a person!


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