A Bohemian in search of another Bohemian

I've got myself registered in a couple of matrimonial websites since the past 5 and odd years and it's nothing less than disappointing. If the horoscopes match (which is important in my community) then there's a problem with my low-paying job and the fact that I don't own a house or a car or that I'm not extremely well-off. And with people who are ok with all that, the horoscope plays the villain. 5 to 6 years in this drama and I'm loosing my patience lately.

The obvious answer is for me to find a girl on my own. As easy as it may sound, and for a guy who had two heart-wrenching break-ups in his-story, I'm simply not the Romeo stuff. I cannot woo just any girl I fancy. The best I can do is stare at her, fantasise about her and maybe write a poem or a short story when the mood strikes me.

Jealousy has never been a part of my nature but I guess I'm beginning to feel that emotion towards all my married friends.

Now that they have all even got kids to worry about, I've fallen at a faster pace than imaginable in their priority list.

Pram and Ramu who used to call me at least once a week, now calls me between months and even then they're busy with one thing or the other.

Gone are days when I could ring them up at the middle of the night for a little chit-chat. Gone are days, when they used to call me to consult about something that they plan to do.

And to stare blank at my empty bed every night just makes me feel even so depressed.

I know I'm not a trophy-material to be won in the matrimonial market but still when I browse those matrimonial sites and hit the 'like' button every day, I wish against wishes, my right girl is waiting up somewhere there for me. And I wish against wishes that she'd be the right friend of mine, who would like to have pets at home, go out on crazy bike rides with me, enjoys jazz and rock & roll music like me, like watching good movies with me, if not sing with me but at least enjoy all my favourite songs, someone with a devil-may-care attitude but who is strong willed and respectful of others - in all yet another Bohemian.


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