NOTA all the way!

I'm aghast at how some people are trying to paint pink on the Central government's order on ban on cattle slaughter and trade.
I agree that the order given out by the Union forest and environment ministry doesn't talk about 'beef ban' per say, as is being projected by the supposedly 'Hindu' sentimentalists but... And that's a huge BUT!
A few years back the BJP tried to implement beef ban across the nation and then there were criticisms of excluding the buffaloes from the ban, and now they made a blanket ban on cattle slaughter and trade, even including camels in it!

Now the buffaloes and the camels in India can heave a sigh of relief.
I'm intrigued why even the 'animal rights activist' Maneka Gandhi came out in support for this move by the Central government. She's supposed to be an 'animal' rights activist, and I wonder why any other animals including human beings, doesn't fall under the category of animals other than the bovine species to her.
Where does the poor goats, sheep and the pigs, and even the chickens, or the fishes stand in the line of priority?
And the lame BJP/RSS members asking why we would eat the meat of cattle who gives us milk and why not the meat of our own mothers is so disgusting. I mean what do you suggest by bringing up such an emotional sentiments?
Are you prompting us to send our own mothers to some hi-tech slaughter houses just because she stopped milking or because she's retired?
And the very fact that there's none relevant enough to question all this by logical reasons repel me to the core.
Come on, make some sense guys.
Come on pals, you give me no reason why I shouldn't punch NOTA in the next elections.


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