Happy, happier, happiest...

Yahoo! I got my pics. reviewed by a professional photographer and to my utter surprise he said among the set of 30 + pics. that I showed him, he really liked four. He said they are really, really good. Then I had a chat with him and he said I do have an eye for good photographs. He went on to tell me how I can get into the profession (that is, if I'm serious about it). I was overwhelmed when he picked on one pic. and said it was his favourite. Incidentally, the same pic. is my favourite too and I consider it my masterpiece. Wooo!!! Yei! Yei!! I couldn't have bargained for more!

Here are his picks:

Contemplation (My masterpiece)

Untitled (Suggestions welcome)

Call Of The Ancient


I do have more pics. which he has not seen yet. I'd be meeting him again for his reviews on those pics.

I'm over the top!!!


And many THANKS to my Creative Director for introducing me to him.

And here's the link to my photo blog for those who think it's worth a visit - Shutterbug clicking away...

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