Back in action

Huh... poof!!!

I'm finally back after a long unprecedented break. Was caught up in a number of things that I me-self didn't realize just how much of water has flown under the bridge. I can't even sit and write about all that happened. Too many things to mention. So, let me just put it in points.

  • Proposed to my best friend's sister and I lost him for a friend.
  • The cops took away my bike from me 'coz I was fool enough to ride it without proper documents to show that it was my bike.
  • Applied for a loan 'coz I desperately needed to raise some money and failed.
  • My system had a temporary crash and got corrected by itself.
  • And finally, I lost my job!

Let me elucidate on that last point. Today my Creative Director called me for a one on one and said he's not interested in maintaining me at his firm. No. It was not as bad as it sounds. I was expecting this any moment and I'm relieved that it happened soon. At least I'm spared the tension of carrying this load in my mind. He said he still would like to help me out with a job and he sounded very genuine. I really appreciate his concern for me. He said he'll be introducing me to a professional photographer soon and suggested that I pursue photography as a career 'coz I seem to have a good eye for frames! Now, that's a compliment, indeed. But I haven't decided on anything. I thought I'd take a break, weigh my options and think about tings with a cool cool head. After all, life's been always fair to me and I shouldn't be complaining much!

Will be back with more updates soon.

Signing off for the day.


Listen to me sing a song, anyhow!

Alliyambal kadavil... | Music Upload

Here's the link to my song blog for those of you who're interested: Ekan Learns To Sing... (Click on the link)

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