Ekan's Celebrity New Year Gala (30+1 celebrities)

Disclaimer: This is an out and out imaginative stuff and I'd be celebrating my New Year with Loneliness in the privacy of my room! Also, I picked this idea from my best blog buddy's post - Steven Anthony @ No Excuse, No Explanation.

Come New Year and it's time for the much awaited Ekan's Celebrity New Year Gala. I have grand plans for this new year and all are invited to join the party. Here's a list of my favourite celebrities from around the globe, whom I'd be inviting to the New Year Bash - 2010.

The first invite goes to none other than Ingrid Bergman. Ahm! I know, this one would have to go rather a long, long way to reach her. Non the less, I sure would love to have her for my party.

The other celebrities who'd grace the occasion are:

Sean Connery (Most stylish and elegant of all the men I've seen till date)

Catherine Zeta Jones (Sexiest lady on-screen. Ooohmp...)

Bobby McFerrin (What's a party without this guy? "Don't worry. Be happy...")

Amitabh Bachchan (The most popular actor in India)

Meg Ryan (She's the funniest woman I've seen on-screen. My party without her would be like a peg of whiskey without the ice!)

Shaan (One of the best singer's in India)

Loreena McKennitt (I'm in love with this lady for her voice)

Popeye and Olive Oil (They're the cutest couple ever)

Sir Vivian Richards (The veteran cricketer I admire the most - Team: West Indies)

Madhuri Dixit (The sexiest as well as the most beautiful woman in Indian movie)

Ilayaraja (The music Maestro. I grew up listening to songs made by this most gifted musician and believe me, I haven't heard anyone better than him yet)

Janaki (She's undoubtedly the singing legend in India. Haven't heard a female voice which could match up to her's!)

Harrison Ford (One of my fav. actor's)

Kajol (Another very beautiful, bubbly and a most talented actress from India)

Kate Winslet (I've a crush on this lady. Oh, come on! Who doesn't?)

Naseeruddin Shah (You might remember this very versatile Indian actor from 'The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen')

S.P. Balasubramaniam aka. S.P.B (He has been singing for ages now and sings just like he did, the first day! A Living Legend In Indian music arena)

Sachin Tendulkar ("If cricket is our religion, Sachin is our God!", says the cricket crazy Indians. Need I say more about this willow wielder?)

Shrek and Fiona (Another one of my fav. couples on-screen)

Shankar Mahadevan (Another one of the greatest contemporary singers from India)

Aamir Khan (One of the most versatile actors in India. Also, he's perhaps, the only superstar with brains. He chooses his roles carefully, which is very uncommon with other big actors in India)

Robin Williams (What's a party without this merry man?)

A.R. Rahman (World renowned Indian music director with an Academy Award (Slum dog Millionaire) to his credit.)

Tom Hanks (Now, does he need an introduction?)

Uma Thurman (Acclaimed as the most brainy among the Hollywood lead ladies and I can see that for sure!)

Road Runner and Coyote (They rank first in my fav. list. Such an adorable pair!!)

Sivamani (I'm speechless when it comes to this man. I mean, he's simply amazing. He creates beats out of... almost anything from table-tops to cups, empty can to your bald head!!!)

Dhum! Dhum! Dhum! Let's add a beat to the party!!!

So, folks... That's going to be my party. I've rolled the Red Carpet and send out the invitations. What more? I've made arrangements for the best dishes in town and cartons of beer and other drinks. But no party would be a party without you. Come... Join the bash and let's rock!!!

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