Was India sleeping since 1947?

This is going to be quite a long post and I warn anyone who is averse of long posts in Facebook to proceed any further:

I'm quite saddened to see many people knowingly or unknowingly repeating the 70-year tragedy of India, which was directly and indirectly fed to them.

I mean what did go wrong in all these 70 years which is now being corrected? By just highlighting the corruption of the past two terms of a corrupt Congress, how can anyone say, any of their predecessors did anything wrong?

My knowledge of history of India before Rajeev Gandhi is not that strong. To be honest, I was neither interested in politics nor was I aware of the political developments in India up until lately.

I was not involved in politics in my college days. I was just an amused observer and I've seen what unhealthy politics does to people involved in it.

SFI was strong in our campus and the neighbouring campus was an ABVP bastion.

I've seen some of my college mates getting attacked and beaten up by the ABVP gang. I'm sure the SFI members in our campus would have answered them in equal measures too.

The clashes between the two student wings were a common place until our principal Father Daniel Kuzhithadathil dismissed the union in our campus and said an absolute "No" to campus politics.

Though some of us applauded that decision then, we later lamented because without a campus union, there was no annual cultural festivals or anything. My last year in college felt like school, except that we were free to bunk classes which we thought was boring and hang round in the different coffee shops around the campus.

But I wonder who gave these 'National' parties any right to make scapegoats out of unsuspecting teenage boys, who are already high on their adrenaline rush?

Back then I used to joke that if there is a clash between the two warring student groups, the SFI made ready people to get beaten up and the other group just have to march in with their sticks and swords.

I used to say the SFI was only good enough in front of microphones giving fiery speeches but when it comes to a real fight they must wear thicker jeans.

Later, much after college days and when I entered journalism and started handling news on a day-to-day basis, I realised the violence driven politics of the Communists, and since then I've always been a Congress sympathiser when it comes to politics.

And I must say I'm only a sympathiser of the Congress party and I've never voted more than once for them (the other two times I just punched NOTA) because it disheartened me, and still do, to see to the level they have sunk in the past few years.

But just because they have gone bad doesn't give me the excuse to switch my preference for the two other goons I've known for ages.

And the many people who are just repeating the 70 years of Indian tragedy must not forget the fact that it was not the BJP or the Congress who made India as good as or bad as what it is now.

It was You!

A constitution was formed, and India was declared a free republic nation 70 years ago, and each one of you were given a right to vote and elect who should be at the helm of affairs but what did you do?

Most of you didn't even go out to vote, and then you complain about the 70 years of tragedy.

If the BJP was so right and the Congress so wrong, why did it take the BJP 70 years to come to power?

Excuse me, we did have an AB Vajpayee government in between, but even then the the minority communities didn't feel insecure.

And the BJP ran a full term with him serving as our PM and with no one able to raise a complaint (I agree that the BJP didn't enjoy the kind of majority they have now then.)

In fact, as I remember, there was no incidents of cow vigilantism or mob lynching of dalits or Muslims reported back then, and even if there were, they were far and few.

Or is it that those reporting got lost with just the national media and no presence of Facebook or social media then?

If you were so convinced that the Congress was not doing good even with stalwarts like PV Narasimha Rao and other Congressmen ruling India for the past 70 years, then why did you leave the rule of this country into the clutches of such men?

Was India sleeping since 1947?

And can you say that India has just prospered since 2014?

As I can see, the 70-year narrative is just the BJP propaganda, which I must say they're so successful in realising.

I must also say that the 70-year narrative, to me sounds like the overwhelmed expression of an imaginary New Zealand cricket team finally winning a World Cup!

They're so overwhelmed by the support that they gained by the votes of the average Indians, forgetting that it's the same old average Indians who have elected the Congress to rule us for the past 70 years!

Also APJ Abdul Kalam is the most endeared President of India not because he's a Muslim, or because the Congress made him the President as part of their Muslim appeasement policy.

He is our favourite President not because he plays Veena and has read Bhagavad Gita.

He's our favourite and most loved President because he was one President we had, who didn't belong to any political party, who was a scientist and a very enlightened man and he proved his worth through his tenure too.

And I can say this one thing for sure that had the BJP been in power then, we would have never had an APJ as our President!

Also if the BJP or whatever they were then at the time of India-Pakistan partition, been in power with their extreme Hindus ideology and had ruled India, I'm sorry to say, we'd have been no lesser than Pakistan by now!

So I request whoever who repeats the 70-year propaganda by the BJP to please reorganise your thoughts and reconsider things.

The 'India Shining' campaign at the time of Vajpayeeji actually was much relevant than the 'Ache Din' campaign of the current BJP because the current government has only thrown us all into much confusions and debates.


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