Hinduism, politics and my last post in Facebook

I think, and I pray that this is the last time I use Facebook to openly talk about anything political or religious because when I look around, majority of my friends seldom use this platform to express any of their views which are personal to them, and I think they have a point.

Never the less, as the last post expressing my political and religious thoughts, I must say this:

Statutory warning: People who don't have the habit of reading or are averse to long Facebook posts can stop here.

I was born into a fairly religious Hindu family and my father was a huge Shiva bhakta. In fact, he used to have a Shiva Linga in our pooja room on which he'd religiously do poojas every single morning without fail for nearly two hours and I, as a child grew up plucking flowers for his poojas and worshiping my father more than the Shiva Linga in our pooja room.

Now don't mistake us to be some Brahmin family. No. My father just happened to be attracted to the idea of Shiva.

He used to visit temples regularly though he never insisted his children to follow him. even me plucking flowers for his pooja was not on his insistence but was because of my adoration for him.

Now, that was long, long back. He passed away when I was 12 and it's been 25 years now but sometimes I still miss him a lot for more reasons than one.

And the best lesson he ever taught me was - never try to impose anything on anyone.

Him being an out and out vegetarian who haven't tasted even an egg in his lifetime used to buy me, my sister and my mom chicken and fish, because my mother was used to non veg food.

In my childhood he taught me the values of truthfulness, kindness, tolerance, about respecting nature...

He taught me to touch the mother earth and pray before I step on her from bed each morning, which I still follow.

And when it comes to religion, though he was an ardent Hindu who used to criticize Buddhism and Christianity, I remember my Sabarimala trips with my dad when his friend Xavier uncle used to carry me on his shoulders.

Excuse me I said this rather long story, but isn't this Hinduism enough?

I do not understand the other Hinduism of people talking about one Tipu Sultan who demolished temples ages ago. So What? Did Hinduism got eroded with the each temple he destroyed?

Even if so, there is no Tipu Sultan now destroying our temples anymore. In fact, we have air conditioners fitted in many of our temples and much of our temples have already become less temples but religious museums where you take 'darshan' tickets from devotees, and there are also special ques and VIP tickets provided! I don't think even the Mecca or the Vatican has a ticket system for devotees, or do they (excuse my ignorance).

I've once heard one of the Hindu spiritualist Jaggi Vasudev say that organised religion is just stupid, and I can't but agree with him more.

Now having said so much about religion and Hinduism, as I believe it, I think there's no more explanation needed for my stand on the BJP, RSS, or the Sangh Parivar, or any of their 'fringe elements'.

My biggest concern is that the only seat that the BJP won in Kerala was in Nemom, Thiruvananthapuram, under O Rajagopal but in all the controversies that has broke out in the past regarding BJP in the past few months, there hasn't been one statement by him!

I mean, ever since he won, except for his attendance during Amit Shah's Thiruvananthapuram visit, this old BJP man is completely invisible.

As I see it, as this is my last political opinion in Facebook -- more than any other parties, they are the most politically driven group I've ever come across, as they are so power hungry and for so long they have been so deprived of power and now they have got the reigns hell knows what they would make of it.

Now when I'm saying all this against the BJP, and me being from Kerala, you might think I support the Communists.

Oh, No!

I believe the Communists in Kerala are like the Bengal Tigers in the Sunderbans National Park. They have lost their vigour - they are just being preserved by some as some endangered species.

Does that mean I'm a Congress sympathiser?

Yes, I'm but as I see, the grand old party is on it's way to oblivion because of their own mistakes, and those mistakes can never be forgiven ever -- dynasty politics which Nehru himself never desired.

When Pranab Mukherjee was the best choice for the Congress as their PM candidate in the 2014 election, I wonder what prompted the party to make him the President and instead pitted a clueless, inexperienced Rahul Gandhi against someone like a stalwart like BJP's Modi?

At least if it was Pranab Vs Modi, it wouldn't have been such a landslide victory for them.

And see the repercussions --  A BJP PM, a BJP nominated President, and even a BJP nominated Vice-President! For the first time ever, the BJP did not just win but just swept over the upper house too!

This is not about BJP winning but if the opposition is so miserably loosing then it's a death knell to democracy in this country and it befalls on none other than you the Congress!


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