The lesser devil!

BJP has found a new hobby - trying to, but in vain, project Kerala as a state in utter communal disorder, political violence, and where people die because of malnutrition etc. etc. etc.

They even once compared Kerala with Somalia!

And then they paraded their Union Cabinet ministers to Kerala and made them tell us how deprived and affected we are.

To a point, they became successful in trying to create a terror atmosphere in the state, I agree, but all this exercise for what?

In the last Lok Sabha election, the BJP managed to secure just one seat in Kerala and that too because it was a much respected O Rajagopal contesting for it.

I for one, though I punched NOTA, I did wish he won in his constituency.

No Communists or the Congress men would ever talk ill of O Rajagopal because despite him being an RSS in his youth and later a BJP leader, he's a man with some basic qualities that can be appreciated. We consider him in the league with BJP's own AB Vajpayee, who once was a BJP represented PM of India and was much loved and respected by all across India, irrespective of their own political ideologies.

And I'm surprised at all this political s#!t happening in Kerala, which I must say started with the RSS members killing a CPM leader in Kannur just after the LDF won the 2016 elections in Kerala.

Ever since then, it was always "an eye for an eye" battle and I wonder whether these people who have supposedly 'sacrificed' their life for their respective parties would ever realise at least in their graves that they were just made pawns in a more shameless political battle?

I just wish and pray Peace to the mothers and fathers, wives and children, to the brothers and sisters, other family members and friends who have lost a significant individual in their lives in this shameless political battle.

I mean, the BJP just won one seat in Kerala until now and it's a long, long way to go before they can win more seats here democratically - through votes.

If the BJP unsettle the LDF government here, then we would vote back the Congress saying that the Solar scam and all other scams didn't at least cost the life of our neighbours or a friend.

We would choose the lesser devil!


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