Thanks for the tasteless deprivation!

After my jaundice and almost months of strict diet restrictions my tongue was almost beginning to forget how things ever tasted. I was allowed to eat only steamed food with not even salt, forget spices. Oil, any fatty food or things that had a tinge of sourness were a complete No-No. To put it short and simple, anything that my tongue could even remotely recognize as ’taste’ was out of my menu.

Two weeks back I tested my blood again and I was elated to find all readings falling back in the ’normal’ range. That means my tongue was ready to come out of its penance. I waited no more. I headed straight to a vegetarian restaurant and ordered idly and sambhar. My tongue was like a lonely and stranded traveller who finally found an oasis in a hot parching desert. I enjoyed every bite of the soft idly which I benevolently soaked in the heavenly sambhar. My tongue would have come out and doled out a merry lap dance, had it a heart of its own.

Since then it has been on numerous palatable escapades - the hot terrains of rice meals and rich side dishes, the snowy heights of ice cream flavours... I now even roll a sip of tea in my mouth before I let it drain down my throat.

So much for the tasteless deprivation for so long.


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