All about innocent smiles

Two clicks of my niece.

I confess, I envy that smile on her face; her joyfulness.

I too used to have that on my face long, long, long back.

I bet none of you adults could mimic that, no matter how good you're at mimicking the dialogues, the voices or actions of the best screen-actors you've seen just on the silver screen.

And that's exactly the sorrow of growing up. You just can't can't laugh, let alone smile so innocently like you used to do once.

I feel very sorry and sad for this favourite girl in my life. I know this smile would vanish from her face very soon. I realise that she'd get into the stupid and morbid complexities of this life too soon, and this smile of her's would only be a ghost of the memories.

I can't just help feeling sad, even looking at so gorgeous and resplendent a smile.

I love kids. It's in me to love kids. But... What are they going to become?

Am I loosing faith in humanity? Maybe I'm and I bet I've good reasons for it too.

I bet Gandhiji and Hitler had the same innocent and naive smiles on their faces when they were just toddlers! 


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