2014 as it was and hoping for a good 2015

All the social network is all flooded with New Year this or that. So I thought I'd give a recap of my 2014 too.
  • I missed attending my office on January 1, 2014, because I got too drunk the night before.
  • February, my company fell in huge financial crisis and decided to withhold my salary.
  • March, April, May June, July: I worked without any salary.
  • July-end: I'm diagnosed with jaundice.
  • August, September, October, November: I'm home bound - no salary, no income... but luckily enough I've a sister who was always ready to support me. So no hunger or other deprivations but just left with my disease and boredom.
  • Mid-November: I get all my pending salary for 7 months, I pay off all my debts, was told that I can't return to work in that office.
  • Mid-November till today: Job hunting, job hunting, job hunting, and almost at the verge of depression...
Well, that's my 2014!

This is just a synopsis of the major events. Many other things happened but can't just mention it all. I'm not a pessimist to highlight just the negatives in life. But these were, unfortunately, the most 'highlightable' things that happened in my life in 2014.

What has 2015 in store for me?


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