First of all, "Sorry" my friend that I couldn't give a happy note today - I'm too confused...

Me and my mom went for a late night show and we returned to find one of our kittens run over by some vehicle. It's intestines were our and it was taking its last. I scooped it up in my arms and walked a long way to find a decent place for it to be buried. While in my arms, it withed and showed signs of life! It opened it's tiny mouth and tried to cry out but its sound wouldn't come out. I was gripped by a sense of, I don't know what?

I deposited it by the road side where there was an overgrowth of shrubbery. I saw its dainty head resting on the grass. Did it look at me?

I couldn't stand it's pain. I thought I'd choke it to death to relieve it off its pains.

I tightened my fingers around its neck. Its neck was so tiny that just two of my fingers were enough to tighten my grip around it. I pressed. It didn't move. I pressed even harder and I saw a feet of it moving. I pressed even harder. Now I could feel it's little neck bone between my fingers. Its tiny limbs started beating in the air for breath under my mighty grip...

I just realised how tyrannical strength could be if not used in the proper way! I have always supported euthanasia. Now, I don't. Mercy or not, fate of another's life is not meant to be decided by us!


Vineeta said…
well i could feel ur emotions..indeed a sentimental post :(

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