A happy note for a friend

I had this conversation with a friend two nights back and she insisted that I must continue blogging. Not just that, she also insisted that I must fill my blog with happier thoughts and the fun people around. Thank you friend, for pushing me in the right direction but I don't know how regular I can blog.

There used to be a time when I was like a-blog-post-a-day keeps Ekan happy. It's no longer like that. Nevertheless, I'll try to keep my promise to you.

To be frank, I didn't feel too good today. For some reason, I was a lot disturbed and I still am. The past three days had been good - fun filled and full of activities - but today...

Now, what was the sunnier side of my life today? Hm...

Ye! i thought of taking my mom out for a night-show. We wanted to watch a Tamil horror movie that got released recently. We had an early dinner and reached the cinema only to find out that the movie is no longer running there. Then we went around almost all the cinemas in town and couldn't find an interesting watch. We didn't know what to do? The night was still young and we had already finished off all the household chores. So i suggested a short drive around the town and the good sport that my mom is, she agreed. It was a good ride. I've taken my friends and g'friends and even my sister for such rides in the night but never my mom. It was a new experience - something to cherish!

Thank you mom!

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