M.J - The 'beat' has stopped

About 2500 years ago, a man from ancient Greece set out to conquer the world. He brought almost half of the world under his sword and he was hailed by the world as Alexander, The Great. About a hundred and seventy years back another man from Europe set out to do the same and he was called Hitler - Adolf Hitler. Here I'm intrigued by this question - What makes a man great? "Great Man" and not a great singer or a great X, Y or Z?

Now, look at M.J. No one can disagree with the fact that he is one among the greatest in the music world. But would anyone call him a "Great Man"? The legend passed away at the age of 50. The whole world seems to be mourning his death. I, who has never been an ardent fan but who couldn't help tap my legs to the beats of a couple of his songs - "Beat it" and "Black or White", is taking a very objective view of this scenario. He is the King of Pop and I don't have an argument there. He is also the most charitable among the global celebrities, having made to the Guiness Book for supporting 39 charity organisations. But all through, his private and social life had been a mess, having been accused of "child molestation", drug abuse etc. The poor man has never known a day of peace ever since he rose to stardom.

Anyways, let me pray - "O lord! May his soul rest in peace".


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