"Oh my..."

It isn’t often that you walk into a place, look into a person’s eyes (just like that) and say "Oh my…". And yes that’s exactly what I said when I first saw her. Did I fall in love again? It seems like that and that’s what I blurted out to her. Since my heart wrenching break-up a year back, I’ve come across many a girls who made my heart miss a beat or two. But this time it’s different. If you ask me how, I’m afraid I don’t have an answer to that. I just know that it’s different this time. Do I fancy her? Oh yes! Very much!! Do I love her? I’m not too sure. Besides, how can you say you love someone without knowing him or her? But I'm sure I can love her and keep loving her for an eternity once I'm sure she is the one I was looking for. Did I "fall in love"? Absolutely, yes! I FELL for her, right on my nose and ever since I’ve not been able to breathe easily when she’s around. My lungs seem to need more air and at times my pulse go weaker. I'd say, this pretty little thing just stole my heart away. "Away". That's exactly how it is. She's away, far away from me. She left me all sick and all...

Do I want her to feel all the same? Of course. I’m a mere mortal!


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