A bus ride to remember

Ah! This is something to write about. I got into the town bus of my place after 2 long years! Ever since I brought my bike two years back, I've never used the town bus for commuting in my town. I never liked it even in my graduation days when I had to take a bus every morning to my college. I used to curse my stars that I had to travel in a crowded bus, getting pushed and pulled in it all the way to my college. And I was more than happy when I finally got a two wheeler and could do away with commuting in the bus. But today, as I had to give my bike for servicing, I thought why not try the bus after a long time? The experience was exhilarating. The bus, the people has not changed at all. I had to travel on foot board just like in my college days as the bus was too crowded. There was someone swearing at me because I was blocking the doorway when he had to get down. but unlike before I just smiled back at him. There were a couple of boys trying to push me down the foot board... The ticket collector's occasional whistles, the old man near me complaining how unruly the young ones have become, the pretty young girls, all in their best looks... I got transported to my graduation days. I know I sound like an old man talking about a distant past of his life. But I'm just being true to what I feel...


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