Nationalism and our Martyrs!

There's been a lot of 'Nationalist' propaganda doing the rounds recently like never before. Indians who have realised their nationalism previously only when there was an India Vs Pakistan cricket match live on TV have begun to talk a lot about nationalistic fervour and pride, thanks to Kanhaiya Kumar and the lot. Jai Hind!

My only question is that is this the Indo-Pak (read as Hindu Vs Muslim, or UPA Vs UDF) match blown up in a big way or are we 'Indians' really so nationalistic?

I saw a post of Rahul Gandhi's Degree Certificate from the Cambridge University doing the rounds in FB with some ridiculous comments. But does at least our Education Minister (Smriti Irani) has such a degree certificate, or at least a degree certificate to show us, forget the other top ranked ministers?

Now, I'm not a Congress or a BJP or an AAP supporter. I punched NOTA in the last election and will continue to do so until I see someone who's truly worthy enough as a candidate.

I also noticed this very unhealthy trend of drawing our brave and selfless military martyrs into the scene of 'nationalism' as you interpret it. Our brave soldiers didn't die to preserve the cultural museums in our country. They did not die to protect a Hindu, a Muslim, or a Christian... They did not die for India to be ruled, abused or exploited by either UPA, UDF or whatever political parties that you have voted into power. And if you truly respect the value of the lives that they have given up, at least stop dragging their names into this stupid s#!t hole! Don't make a joke out of our soldiers!

And one last word to the 4th Estate in India - You don't have to make news out of everything. We have had enough of you over the times. If you don't have anything to say of relevance, you can just stop saying things than just bulls#!t!ng about things. We, Indians can live without 'national' news for a day or two. You can better play to us some entertaining item-numbers from Bollywood, Tollywood or whateverwood and come to us with 'flash' news and 'debates' of something of relevance like global warming, agriculture as an industry, so and so and so... That'd be more informative.


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