Nationalism and our Martyrs - Part 2

There's so many people talking about, and so much of media attention towards one stupid guy who blabbered something and kept to his ego.

People and media equally reacted in the name of nationalism!

Excuse me but there was someone who was dragged out and beaten to death and his son beaten to pulp, all for just eating beef in this country!

It's an old story now but has there been any action taken about this? People who were associated with this incident were arrested as well. But is that the end of it? People in some parts of this country are still reluctant to say the word 'beef'!

It's pathetic that one cannot eat something of his choice in this supposed-to-be-free and independent country without getting threatened for life.

My beloved border-men, you're not protecting the borders of India but the borders of a democratic, republic and secular India, but unfortunately this is what's happening in this country that you're giving away your lives for.

And some are even audacious enough to drag the martyrs among you to support their own personal and political causes. They're making a joke out of the lives of our beloved and much respected martyrs.

My very honest appeal to the border-men - are you really protecting our boundaries for these atrocities to happen? And would you like your name to be associated with this s#!t?


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