My Problem - Your Problem

I see this as a very serious problem. My fellow beings are very much interested and serious about arguing whether SRK or Aamir is the better Khan of Bollywood, whether Sachin should have retired yet, whether iOS or Android is better, whether six-pack or the family-pack (the paunch that we all have) is healthier, or even fairness of the skin (I guess, there's no much argument there) is something desirable; but would shy off from arguments concerning the overdose of religion in our social behavior, why women subjugation should be a part of our cultural identity, about technology addiction that our kids are rampantly falling prey for and experiencing much lesser a healthier life than us because of it, and other such things.

The 'majority' of us (I'd rather say complacent beings) thinks, and comfortably and conveniently so, that these are the concerns only of the 'intellectuals' and is better left to them to figure out a way out of it! But from what I've seen so far, these 'intellectuals' are not just the ones adding to the population!

How comfortable is it to be oblivious? Oblivious about the things around us and just pretend that we're too busy with our of pathetic, petty, private lives. I guess IT IS very comfortable!

Maybe I shouldn't be so harsh in my criticisms. Maybe it's just because I'm still single, free, and have no kids and have the luxury of thoughts! But I seriously doubt it is so?


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