Who knows what Siva thinks?

My search for 'Siva' or 'Sivam' continues...
I must tell you - among the Hindu trinity, Lord Siva has the most intriguing characteristics.
It is said that the three lords viz. Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara (Siva) takes care of the three parameters of existence or mortality viz. birth, life and death respectively.
No one ever talks about Brahma, the God of bringing life, and I think it's pretty much understandable because you can talk only if you're born and that purpose is already served.
Then comes the constant argument, 'spiritually' scholarly debates and more as to who among the other two is the greatest of the Gods.
There are people who lean towards Vishnu by worshiping him in his 10 different avatars, and then there are the clueless Siva seekers who have this gut feeling that there is more than what the senses can perceive about Siva but cannot dine out a winning argument.
I'm one among the latter.
I must warn you that the following is absolutely not a fodder for yet another Sivite Vs Vaishnavite argument but just a thought that crossed my mind.
According to our puranas Vishnu is always portrayed as the most intelligent and patient deity, who himself reclines on a giant serpent in the middle of a sea of milk, tended to by his attentive wife Lakshmi Devi, Goddess of Wealth. They're not known to have any children or other burdens.
Of course Vishnu did have children in his avatar manifestations and most of them didn't find much relevance in the times after.
Now take Siva.
He is supposed to be an ascetic, a yogi who has won over the senses and emotions of every living and nonliving thing in this multi universe.
Now recollect the stories you've heard from your grandparents about the all mighty Siva.
He beheaded his own father-in-law as a revenge for the death of his wife.
He engaged in a duel with his own son (he didn't know it was his son then) and beheaded him and then after understanding the mistake he made, he gave his son the head of an elephant.
Then he had a second son who was so arrogant that he chose to ride away on his peacock and settle at the top of a hill down South in Tamil Nadu, away from the family, and all this over a silly fight for a mango with his elder elephant-headed brother.
Whatsoever, both his sons are much revered Gods for Hindus too - If it's 'Ganapati bappa moraya' in North, it's 'Vel Muruga haro hara' down the South.
That's about the children of the two deities.
Now let's take the Trinity's wives - Saraswthi (Brahma), Vishnu (Lakshmi), and Parvathy (Siva).
When Saraswathi is worshiped for education, and Lakshmi for wealth, Goddess Parvathy has a vague constitution of being worshiped for 'strength'!
However, much has been talked in our puranas about gender equality because of which evolved the concept of Arthanaleeswara (Half-man-half-woman-God), and mentions of 'Aadi Parasakthi', which when translated to English means 'the first mighty power'.
And mind you, both the believers or the agnostics didn't stop there. They continued their search and when the search led some of them to the foothills of the Himalayas, the others took a different route to follow a popular, much scientific, much revealing yet inconclusive Higgs Bosson theory.
Nevertheless, it's also surprising that with no particularly defined characteristic like 'knowledge' or 'wealth', Goddess Parvathy still became the unquestioned and unrivaled strongest and the most revered entity among the Hindu Goddesses, even in her form of Durga, a warrior Goddess.
Anyways... Coming back to my original topic of discussion - Isn't Siva the most intriguing concept you can ever think of?
I might be wrong in many of my arguments all my way through this whole write-up but one thing I can tell you for sure - successful in the eyes of the world or not but someone who starts seeking Siva would have a hell of a ride in his lifetime and would come across adventures he/she'd never dream about.
And if you ask me why anyone should attempt it, I'd just say in Tamil: "Sivan yenna ninakkirano, yarukku therriyum? (Who knows what Siva thinks?)"
It's just fun to be a seeker...


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