A joyride, tryst with death and a Happy New Year

A post after a long long time but I need to record this - not in a diary but in a space where I'd be able to access it whenever needed and in a place I'm sure I will not loose.

Went for the annual meet of our company of Dec. 28. The destination was a coffee estate in Coorg. It was so relieving to be back with nature - the coffee plantation all around, a serene pond, two dogs to play with and of course, the happy and happening gang that our office is. It was a two-night trip and the first night was pretty disastrous because of the meeting that extended till nearly 4 in the morning.

the second day was fun. I went swimming in the pond in the security of my life jacket. Did a bit of kayaking too. It's funny that though I do not know swimming and I'm quite afraid of water, I always enjoy water, whether I'm in it or by its side. Had a great time splashing around, thanks to my life jacket!

As the sun went down, we all gathered for the award night. Our senior staff awarded the most promising and the best performing employees in our company (of course, I did not get any award). The party began right after that and all were having beer, drinks of their choice and pork and chicken and... The time arrived for dancing and everyone was quite high and on their toes. I hesitated as I've never danced in my life before. But when people forced me, I managed to shake my leg a bit or more but it was too exhausting to me. I came back a sat on a chair and then began the drama.

I took a sip of beer and smiled at my colleagues dancing around but something was not right.

My breath stopped. I could not inhale. It felt like someone was chocking me. I gasped for life but it acted deceiving. I don't remember what happened next. I was holding someone's hand and was fighting for breath. After a few minutes, it subsided - my life came back to me. All became calm and I was put in another chair. I had a beer in hand and was slowly sipping on it looking at others having fun. And suddenly it happened again. This time it was more intense that I nearly blacked out. I vaguely remember shouting out something... When that episode got over, I asked to be taken back to me room. I aplogised to everyone for being aa spoil sport and dragged myself to my room with the help of a couple of my friends.

Back in my room, the ghost of breath struck me again. This time I decided I'm never going to see the sunrise again. I was quite sure, I was about to die without taking in that last breath... And then I thought I slipped into the calmness of death but it was sleep after all...

My colleagues say it was quite scary but to me it was more than that - I shook hands with death almost twice the same night and managed to deceive it.

Everyone says it was an asthmatic attack but I've never had asthma before - no, not in the three decades I've been living on this earth. I still wonder what it was!

Anyways, here I'm - quite alive and blogging. So wish you all a Happy New Year!


Viji Venu said…
Life is one great thing which happens :) and a lot to achieve before we bid farewell. You got to enjoy the time and live it to the fullest.

Take care of your health..and hope you have a great new year :)

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